warding off evil feelings

In a hotel room in Yuma, Arizona, I asked Jason to give me an extra pillow so that I could, you know, hug it while I slept.

So he threw one at me and yelled “HERE IS YOUR LONELYSHIELD.”

This is obviously the best word invented to describe my little pillow.  You can use it if you want.

In LA I had to make do with one pillow, but in SF I consistently fell asleep hours before everyone else (you know, at 4am).  Whoops, I’m a girl, sirs, give me your beds.  Then invariably they’d find me wrapped around all of their pillows in some odd contortion, snoring away. Delicately!

Before my next visit, frends, buy me this:


it will save us all A LOT of trouble.


whoops, sleepy! and here is a lesson

me: i slept from likewell i was planning on staying up until 10and ap was like, “just listen to me. you need to sleep.”at like i don’t know 7and i was like, “i can’t sleep. you don’t know how the world works! blah! i hate everything!”this is paraphrased obviously

chris: right

me: and then i was like, “oh, i’m being a total dick.  okay i will go to sleep”
i woke up at like 10:30 pm
talked to al and bhav
made myself the most confusing food
while they looked on in amazement

chris: the most confusing food

me: it was

chris: i like that phrase

me: a packet of chicken noodle soup like mrs grass style
with a whole bunch of couscous dropped in
which i then dumped some sriracha on
and ate with an emergen-c
i mean i drank the emergen-c
anyways, i got back into bed well before midnight
and woke up at 10
i don’t remember jet lag being so bad last time
i think that
it is because
one should never ever red eye

extended absence

I’ve been on vacation now, for a full week and this vacation will end early Monday morning before I go to work.

I found this trailer in a ghost town on the edge of a salty sea, and would like to move into it for the remainder of the fiscal crisis with a stack of books, connect four, and a friendly puppy.

would you care to join me?

blandwich suggests

romeo and juliet – dire straits
– “i can’t do everything but i’d do anything for you.” it’s a perfect winter/spring late night transition song

buying those bagels in bulk and freezing the hell out of them.
– whole wheat everything and a french press and two cats.  you only end up saving 50 cents or maybe less, but it’s so much easier than going to the store.

mad men
– i don’t know guys, have you heard of it?  i’m on my second series viewing, preparing for when new episodes come out in 2010 or whatever.

– even if venus is in retrograde;  go for it in march, you guys.

drawing the tattoo you want, instead of getting the tattoo you want
– it’s just safer.

– by the end of 2009, i will have spent at least 18 days in san francisco, 7 days driving from austin to LA, 10 days in barcelona (and vicinity), and 3 days in the catskills. just do it: you’re going to lose all your money anyways.

the best of romantic comedy

You guys, I’ve been really into bad romantic comedies lately.  27 Dresses? Hell yes.

My all time favorite romantic comedy is Drive Me Crazy starring Melissa Joan Hart and Adrian Grenier.  If you haven’t seen it, it is the best tale of high school friends tore apart by a middle school dispute, in which one of them got “popular” and one of them got “cool.”  A whole 4 years later, in order to get back at the people who have broken their respective hearts, they get together and the whole school gets in a kerfuffle. Everyone learns a lesson about love.

But, how come none of you are watching Chuck?  It is really just the most fantastic drawn out romantic comedy.  I don’t even think you need to have watched a single episode to see why this is really compelling television.

Guess what?  It makes me cry.

channeling all my teen angst

have you ever taken a day to listen only to helium – headphones up!

by the time you get to “trixie’s star” you’ll be scaring the cats with how much you are loving singing along like it’s 1994.

yelling, someday it’d be so right to be cruising and  shooting and fucking like some kind of movie.

guys: your love was a fad, and you’re a drag.

all links, no pictures now.

Here is an interesting brief review of the Lykke Li show in Chicago, I’m presuming.

I have  avoided seeing her in New York, basically out of the unarticulated fear that I would want to write a similar (not as funny) review and it would all be ruined.  By “it,” I mean, my solo 14-year-old style dance parties to “youth novels” with the cats after I put on david bowie’s old  makeup because I am bored and I don’t want to do my adult work. 

Although, I haven’t yet heard Warbirds & Peacedrums.  Maybe I’ll go blip them, or whatever, byeee.