book club of one

attention 3 readers/friends:

i have just started 2666, so if you want to join a book club and have time this summer to swiftly get through 900 pages before i move on to, i don’t know what – get on it.  strand gives a fair price – $20 for the FSG paperback, beautifully packaged and what not.

last night i finished Strait is the Gate, which has kept me in a sour mood for about a week.  not because i didn’t like it, but because … SPOILER ALERT … perhaps i like to be grumpy.

i would also like to take a moment to let you know that I’ve joined a summer bocce ball league.  although i was expecting to be a liability for the team, i was pleasantly surprised to find myself a bit of a ringer.  at one point, i knocked an opponent’s ball away with mine at the last throw; my little ball curved around, and positioned itself right between the opponent’s and the pallino.  we won both our matches today, and also got a shutout game.

it was also nice to find that another sunday team features some ol’ del rio regulars; the closing of that bar still sends pangs of sadness through all the old ann arbor pals.  that pizza!  that crust!  that garlic!

well, good-bye!


2 responses to “book club of one

  1. I want to be in yer club! A club of TWO! Princess Melissa let_me_in!

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