things i want to do/see

  • view depressing/romantic pictures of frontiertown. move west. burrow into a hobbit hut.  stop using words like “climate” “rate” “poverty” “unemployment” “disenfranchised” and cetera. oh my god, you guys, where is my therapist/woodsprite?  i love her.
  • watch every showing of this on sunday:

  • do you see where i’m going with this?
  • where is that magical woooooooodsprite?  she always tells me things like, “calm down,” and “why are you apologizing?” and like, “that thing you’re really upset about SOUNDS REALLY UPSETTING.” how great.
  • also, do you ever feel like you’re just NOT at the NEXUS that you want to be at?
  • but then you/i  realize that all of this nostalgia for the 70’s when talk therapy was getting really huge and everyone had a camper and divorce was like this great new phenomenon and all that is totally disingenous because you were born in 1979. barely.
  • no more self-indulgence 2009.
  • except for that, last night, i decided i’m spending may in my mother’s west coast love nest and letting her brush my hair every night.

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