warding off evil feelings

In a hotel room in Yuma, Arizona, I asked Jason to give me an extra pillow so that I could, you know, hug it while I slept.

So he threw one at me and yelled “HERE IS YOUR LONELYSHIELD.”

This is obviously the best word invented to describe my little pillow.  You can use it if you want.

In LA I had to make do with one pillow, but in SF I consistently fell asleep hours before everyone else (you know, at 4am).  Whoops, I’m a girl, sirs, give me your beds.  Then invariably they’d find me wrapped around all of their pillows in some odd contortion, snoring away. Delicately!

Before my next visit, frends, buy me this:


it will save us all A LOT of trouble.


6 responses to “warding off evil feelings

  1. i have it. here is my review. it sucks

  2. but seth, do you cuddle up on it?

  3. i mean, also, i love that she’s just like, WHO NEEDS THESE OTHER TWO PILLOWS. LONELYSHIELD!

  4. i would want to sleep on it the other way, with arm over chest, but would it be upsetting? to sleep with half a man? would i have night terrors?

  5. and if you slept on it the other way would the lonelyshield hand rest on your butt? would you like it?

  6. the great mysteries of life.

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