whoops, sleepy! and here is a lesson

me: i slept from likewell i was planning on staying up until 10and ap was like, “just listen to me. you need to sleep.”at like i don’t know 7and i was like, “i can’t sleep. you don’t know how the world works! blah! i hate everything!”this is paraphrased obviously

chris: right

me: and then i was like, “oh, i’m being a total dick.  okay i will go to sleep”
i woke up at like 10:30 pm
talked to al and bhav
made myself the most confusing food
while they looked on in amazement

chris: the most confusing food

me: it was

chris: i like that phrase

me: a packet of chicken noodle soup like mrs grass style
with a whole bunch of couscous dropped in
which i then dumped some sriracha on
and ate with an emergen-c
i mean i drank the emergen-c
anyways, i got back into bed well before midnight
and woke up at 10
i don’t remember jet lag being so bad last time
i think that
it is because
one should never ever red eye

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