sleepin time

i can no longer tell if my outrage is shrill or justified.  welcome to the new, greatest depression where, for $10/hr, you can take prescription sleep aids you don’t need to sleep in front of hundreds of strangers — preferably for the entirety of a full day of exhibitions at the new museum.  it sounds a little too, “they shoot horses, don’t they?” for my taste.

and of course, i’m not a visual art person, at least not a static visual art person – and i’ll admit i still don’t get pieces like “green horses” by bruce nauman, which in my unskilled, unschooled way i see as similar in statement – the artist on loop, etc, etc.  except these women – and why exactly do they have to be women? and between the ages of legal and still attractive? – are not the artist.  and they can make more working at any fast food restaurant in the city.  without taking sedatives.

i’m open to the other side of this argument – i’m just not seeing it.  feel free to comment or email a blandwich.


One response to “sleepin time

  1. and if the “art” here is the process where this idea is put out into the public to see how people react, i’m going to have to call a moratorium on yale abortion art, this dude, and performance art in general. that’s right, performance artists. i’m bored.

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