5 ways to entertain yourself

1) read a book

2) go to a cultural event

3) take a walk

4) spend some time volunteering with those less fortunate than you

5) deride someone’s faith-based life choices in front of their new friends

i’m not really a big fan of faith. last november, the last time i was in a church type place, i tried to take comfort in coincidental sunbeams and when that didn’t work i tried to get into ghosts but that was kind of gross because you know sometimes you make bad decisions and you don’t know if ghosts cover their eyes. for awhile i had this really stoner-esque idea about electricity or magnetism or perpetual motion machines or something. i told CT most of this on our way down atlantic last night.

at his place, the mouse was in the garbage bag and we could have taken it out with the garbage, but instead CT set a trap outside of the hole in the garbage bag.

that’s all for today. i need to eat.


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