you can totally stalk anyone on the internet. once i lived in honduras and i missed everyone and so i went to their websites and their myspaces and friendsters every day.

it made me so happy that i could keep up with them!

also i googled people to see if they did anything fun like write a novel or review a new kitchen gadget on amazon.

spaghetti twirlers are awesome, see. and also that blogger is smart to say, “hey guys, this picture was stolen, come read about the spaghetti twirler on my site.”

anyhow, remember when there was an online quiz and you could take it and then other people could pay to read your answers? whoops!

and then later, friendster was like, “your exboyfriend’s new girlfriend looked at your friendster 10 times yesterday,” and 20% of your friendsters dropped off the friendster planet in the following week.

and then facebook had that thing for one day that no one knows what it was exactly, but it could have been the people who look at your facebook the most?

WHOOPS. the internet SUCKS.


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