short stories

i have another private blog where i write short stories.  but the problem with that is that no one gets to see them and tell me how AWESOME i am.

so here is where i put true stories.


I tried to write a story about bukkake, and spellcheck said that I spelled it wrong.  It suggested hannukah, instead, but with a capital H.  The story is as follows: one time a man came up to me at my job and said, “blah blah blah me blah blah bukkake.”  he didn’t speak english very well, so i was like, “what the fuck, man?” and looked extra disapproving.  he repeated himself, slower. “do you know the meaning of bukkake?”  “yes i do, thank you for asking.”  then he left.


2 responses to “short stories

  1. you should enable html, so i can post images like this.

  2. i don’t know how. i will look at this “enabling html” thing tonight.

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