so i have been pretty much drinking since i was born this week. i don’t remember monday, but on tuesday i went to union hall after this thing. drank.

wednesday my friend and i drank. a lot. it was nerdy like playing music and smoking cigarettes inside and telling tales of boys you love who love you back but also don’t want to have sex with vaginas for whatever reason.

thursday all my co-workers drank a lot. it was like this:

friday, i don’t know what my deal was, but i ended up yelling at a bar about popcorn and fighting CT outside my apartment.

by saturday i was drinking pitchers of margaritas and we were at this little mexican bistro by my work and it was feeling like a good day until i laughed at a joke that CT or JB made and the dude next to me said, conspiratorially to his date: “oh my god, what a laugh. right?” i had no idea! i had no idea i was a braying donkey and that it was sooooo bad that it had to be commented on, douchebag, but i’ll be sure to tone it down next time.

tonight marked the first trip of the season to one of my favorite summer bars. so, all in all, summer is looking great. that is, if i get this thing under control.



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