I have something to say about the stretch of Bergen Street between Nevins and 3rd Avenue.  It is a virtual zoo.

I saw 3 snails.  One black squirrel.  5 rats. and one stray cat.

Then I got on the bus.  A girl came on the bus and she didn’t have a metrocard.  She paid in pennies.  I am pretty sure that she paid in pennies because she threw fistful upon fistful of change into the receptacle, until she emptied her change purse out and finally the bus driver let her sit down even though the light didn’t show up saying she had paid a fare.  I promise you there was at least 7 big drops of money put into that bus. Like when you go to the coinstar, or play 5 cent slot machines with a $20 bill.

I don’t know.  I don’t have the patience to illustrate this story.


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