i have a billion best friends

but the best of them is KB, who clearly needs to live in the same city as me.

I just saw a grown man with a pack of lunchables and a small bottle of milk!

Bea Arthur/Blandwich
I wish I saw that! What a great sight!
[i am not creative enough to come up with an image for this part. But it should probably be a picture of a nerd.]

Bonus – it was a business man with longish douchebag hair!

Bea Arthur/Blandwich
Go back and find him and then tell him you have a wife for him in Brooklyn. For example, I love gushers and cookie crisp.

Done and done. Cotton candy machine at the wedding

Bea Arthur/Blandwich
I expect you to DJ me up some hannah montana and jonas brothers or whatever.

We can get those cute little asians with monster shirts to dance to it.

[sorry the pictures didn’t work earlier.]


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